About us

"Royal Facade" JSC, a company with an innovative construction approach that develops new products in order to reduce construction time for builders, while maintaining good facade quality.

Parduotuvė Akmens karalystė

From 2017 May. The Royal Facade is a manufacturer of polystyrene foam products. In the month of 2017, the first, facade insulation panels with special elastic decorative plaster were made, inrastas is one of the most effective ways to save time and money. With these panels, the private sector has the option of joining the facade without the builders, as these panels are glued, screwed and painted, do not need to be fastened and decorated. In all building sectors there are many advantages, quick mounting, foam-free foaming, installation of a facade, it acquires a beautiful 3D format, the possibility of joining the facade, the usual decorative plaster facade, inappropriate weather conditions up to -10C, lining, high heat to the sun. Save money, repair, primer lubrication, decoration, scaffold rental.

We produce rounds around windows, cornices, pedestals, columns, chapters, bases, crowns, balustrades and other decorative exteriors, as well as solid elastic-coated interior products, 3-4 mm.

We represent prefabricated concrete products made by UAB "Gelmesta", assembled polished bases with heating, strips, strip foundation and other reinforced concrete products are made according to special notes.

From 2018 month of January. Our company is the official Sandwich panel manufacturer Aluformas Pekintašas, a distributor in the Baltic States.

We are representatives of decorative stone, interior decoration and clinker manufacturer Baugrup in the Baltic States.

In Turkey and Greece, our partners have stone mills and machining, import, marble, travertine, onyx, shale, limestone and granite.

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